Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse (Ergonomic Mouse)

Here are 5 of the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse for Left Handed People.

People had been using the Standard Computer Mouse for several years. Those Standard Mouse were built in a way that both Right Handed People and Left Handed People could use it the same way. Windows even lets you Switch Mouse Buttons to make it more convenient for Left Handed People.

However, these days, more people are opting for Ergonomic Vertical Mouse, as they prevent Wrist Pain by reducing Muscle Strain. 

We have even written an article on Best Ergonomic Mouse for Wrist Pain.

But, brands are manufacturing the Ergonomic Vertical Mouse mostly for Right Handed People. There are very few options for Left Handed People. It is impossible for a Left Hander to use the Ergonomic Vertical Mouse built for Right Handers.

So, to ease your burden, we have collected some of the Best Ergonomic Left Handed Vertical Mouse. 

Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse:

Perixx Perimice-513L Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse:

Perixx Perimice-513L Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse with 2 DPI, 6 Button Optical Ergo Mouse with 2 Level DPI Switch 1000 1600, Left Handed, Black
  • The Perixx Perimice 513L is one of the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse.
  • It is a wired mouse with Natural Grip for left handers. But, there is also a Wireless Variant of this model.
  • It has 6 buttons including 2 side buttons and a DPI Switch
  • You can change the Mouse DPI from 1000 to 1600.
  • The Perixx Perimice 513L is compatible with all versions of Windows after Windows 7.
  • It weighs 160 grams
  • Suitable for Medium and Large Hands

Perixx Perimice-719L Left Handed Wireless Vertical Mouse:

Perixx Perimice-719L, Left Handed Wireless Vertical Mouse, Portable Size for Laptops Computer, 3 Level DPI
  • Here is another great product by Perixx. The Perixx Perimice 719L is also one of the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse.
  • While the Perixx 513L is thin, the Perixx Perimice 719L looks more like a Standard Mouse with one side elevated.
  • It is also a Wireless Mouse with 3 DPI Levels (800/1200/1600). There is also a Wired Variant of Perixx 513L.
  • Moreover, the buttons are silent and don’t make much noise.

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  • It comes with a USB dongle, with a 10-meter operating range.

Evoluent VM4L Vertical Ergonomic Mouse:

Evoluent VM4L VerticalMouse 4 Left Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Regular Size)
  • The Vertical Mouse by Evoluent is suitable for Left Handed People.
  • It has a total of 6 buttons
  • Also, note that it is a Wired Mouse.
  • The Thumb buttons are easy to reach, and it also has a Thumb Rest.
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix Operating Systems.
  • Moreover, it has LED Pointer Speed Indicators.
  • You can also change the functionality of the buttons using Evoluent Mouse Manager.

J-Tech Left Hand Mouse with Wireless Connection:

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  • Here is one of the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse by J-Tech.
  • The J-Tech Left Hand Ergonomic Mouse is designed to provide comfort for all the fingers. It also has a Thumb and little finger rest.
  • It is a Wireless Mouse with Advanced 2.4G Technology.
  • You can adjust the DPI between 800/1200/1600/2400
  • J-Tech Vertical Mouse also has Backward & Forward buttons, along with the DPI cycle button.

DELUX Vertical Left Handed Wireless Ergonomic Mouse:

DELUX Vertical Mouse Left Handed, Reduce Hands Strain Rechargeable Silent Wireless Ergonomic Mouse with USB Receiver and BT 4.0, 6 Buttons and 4 Gear DPI for Carpal Tunnel(M618ZD-White)
  • The DELUX Vertical Mouse is specially designed for Left handed People to reduce strain on the Wrist.
  • The Design and Color look very attractive and pleasant.
  • High Precision Vertical Mouse with up to 4000 DPI
  • It offers 5 Shift DPI (800/1200/1600/2400/4000)
  • You can use it up to One Week after a full charge. (Almost 56 Hours)
  • Moreover, you can connect it using the 2.4G USB Dongle or Bluetooth. You can also use it as a wired mouse when you are out of battery.
  • The Clicks are also silent.
  • Looking at the features, the DELUX Wireless Vertical Mouse is one o the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse.
  • It is available in Black & White variants.


The Products mentioned above are the Best Left Handed Vertical Mouse that reduces strain on the Wrist. These are good for those who are suffering from Carpal Tunnel issues. We have included both Wired and Wireless Vertical Mouse. You can choose the one according to your convenience.

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