Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work (2023)

Whether you are working from home or in the office, you do not want to disturb others with your keyboard sound. The Mechanical Keyboards make a clicky sound when typing, which is loved by many users. However, it could be annoying for others around you. So, users like me prefer to have a Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work to prevent sound pollution.

As a content writer, I hit the keyboard a lot. And, I use Mechanical Keyboard for accuracy and low latency. However, most Mechanical Keyboards make sound, which is satisfying for many users. However, I do not want to disturb others in my office with the clicky sounds. Moreover, I even work late nights, so the Keyboard Sound is really frustrating for my family members while they are trying to sleep. 

Hence, I searched a lot and finally found some keyboards that don’t make noise. Now, I am going to share with you the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work. I have also included some Quiet Gaming Keyboards in this list because these Keyboards have backlights, which can be useful while working late nights in the dark.

We have also discussed Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches. And, in that article, we have established that Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Black are the switches that make the least soundCherry MX is the most popular company that manufactures Mechanical Switches. It also introduced Cherry MX Red Silent and Cherry MX Black Silent Keyboard Switches which are the quietest switches in Mechanical Keyboards.

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work:

Durgod Taurus K310 Mechanical Keyboard

The Durgod Taurus K310 Mechanical Keyboard uses Cherry Silent Red Switches, which makes it the quietest Mechanical Keyboard. It is a full keyboard with 104 Keys, with a classic look. It is suitable for both office work and gaming as well.

Durgod Taurus K310 Keyboard has several variants with different Mechanical Switches, like Blue, Black, Brown, Silver, Red, and Silent Red. Therefore, make sure you are purchasing the Silent Red variant.

Durgod Taurus K310 Mechanical Keyboard Features:

  • The Keyboard by Durgod also has different color variants like Grey, White, Blue, and more. One of the variants has White Backlight, and one has RGB Backlight. Three variants don’t have any backlight.
  • It has Double Shot PBT keycaps. Therefore, the letter on the keycaps is not going to fade for several years.
  • You can even use the adjustable feet to angle the keyboard according to your convenience. 
  • Moreover, by using the DURGOD Zeus software, you can even rebind keys and set up macros.
  • It offers two types of cables, which are Type C to Type A (Suitable for Windows PC and Laptops), and Type C to Type C (Suitable for Mac Laptops & Mobile Phones).
  • You will also get a Logo Sticker, Dust Cover, and a Keypuller along with the Keyboard.
  • Durgod Taurus K310 Mechanical Keyboard is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Features like N Key Rollover, and Anti-Ghosting makes it a perfect keyboard for Typing and Gaming.
  • The cable length is 5 feet, which should be sufficient.
  • Fn + Function Keys offers different features like Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Volume Control, and more.
  • Furthermore, you can disable any key that disturbs you while playing games.

Points to Note:

  • If you are using it for Mac, then you need to remap some keys using the software.
  • The cable length of Type C to Type C is 3.3 feet only. However, it is sufficient if you are using it for mobile or laptop.

Looking at the features of this Keyboard, it is definitely one of the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work and Gaming as well.

FNATIC miniStreak LED Backlit RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The FNATIC miniStreak LED Backlit Keyboard is a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with MX Cherry Silent Red Switches. It is a Tenkeyless layout Keyboard (without the Numpad Keys). Let’s check out other features of this Quiet Mechanical Keyboard.

FNATIC miniStreak RGB Mechanical Keyboard Features:

  • The FNATIC miniStreak keyboard has Full RGB Backlight with 8 modes. Besides that, you can further customize it using their software.
  • It is also portable and lightweight (weighing 700 grams).
  • FNATIC is a well-known brand, that manufactures Gaming Accessories and Peripherals. 
  • The RBG Backlit also helps you work in dark. However, you can easily turn off the lights, if they are distracting during the daytime.
  • Moreover, the Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work manufactured by FNATIC is compatible with Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox as well.
  • Besides that, it also has an Anti-ghosting feature.
  • Furthermore, FNATIC offers 2 years of warranty on this Mechanical Keyboard.
  • It has a low-profile body, preferred by many typists.

Points to Note:

  • Make sure you purchase the Silent Red Switch variant if you want a silent keyboard, as there are also other variants with different Switch Types.
  • There is no option to control the backlight intensity. However, you can turn it off when not required.

Logitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard

The Logitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard uses Romer G Switches, which are designed by Logitech itself. So, for a change, you can try the Romer G switches instead of Cherry MX. 

The Romer G switches are not only Quiet but also give Tactile feedback. Moreover, it is a Wireless Keyboard with Lightspeed responses. Let’s check out all the features that make it one of the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work.

Logitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard Features:

  • Logitech G613 is a super-fast Wireless keyboard with a 1 ms report rate.
  • The Romer G Mechanical Switches are precise and durable.
  • You can connect the Keyboard to Windows (Version 8 or Later), along with Mac OS (X 10.12 or later). Moreover, you can even connect it to Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth or WiFi
  • The G Keys on the left can be customized as per your requirements.
  • It also has Volume control buttons on the top, along with a Gaming Mode button.
  • Logitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard has a Palm Rest to provide comfort for your wrist while playing games or typing.

Points to Note:

  • The Mechanical Keyboard by Logitech uses 2 AA batteries which can last up to 18 months.
  • The wrist pad is non-removable.
  • Also, it doesn’t have a backlight.

More Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work:

Here are some more Quiet Mechanical keyboards you can look at if you don’t like the Top 3 picks.

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch is the Quietest?

  • Cherry MX Red Silent and Cherry MX Black Silent are the quietest switches in Mechanical Keyboards.


Note that there are no Keys that are 100% Silent. These Keyboards produce very less sound compared to Normal Keyboards. So, you will still hear the sound, but it will be the minimum. The Keyboards listed above are some of the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Work and Gaming. 

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