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First of all, Thank You for visiting our website and I am glad you are interested in knowing about us.

My name is Hameed Feroz, the founder of alltechqueries.com. I am an Engineer, and I was always Fond of Technology. Whenever I read news about Technology or see a new gadget, it brings a smile to my face.

Most people are afraid of technology because they don’t know much about it. It’s true that technology can be complicated sometimes, but as we all know, Technology is growing faster than anything else. Therefore, we should adopt it rather than ignoring it. So, I decided to follow my passion and create a technical blog. My motive for creating this blog is to share my knowledge with other people and make it easy for them to understand technology.

Here at ATQ (All Tech Queries), I try to make you understand technology in a simple way with real-life examples and answer un-answered queries of yours. I also intend to solve user issues by providing step-by-step guides. Besides that, I also give genuine product reviews on my Website. I aim to provide all the information regarding a topic in a single blog.

More About Me:

If you are not bored, you can continue to learn more about me. I completed postgraduate and started working the regular 9-6 job, but I wasn’t having fun lately. Later I came to know about Digital Marketing and started studying it. I was finding it very interesting. So, I decided to join a prestigious company as a Content Writer-cum- SEO Analyst to improve my writing and blogging skills. There, I used to write honest reviews on Computer Software, Apps, and Games for a couple of years. Finally, I choose to run my own blogs and share my knowledge with people all around the world.

So, here I am, sharing my technical knowledge with you. Soon, I will be extending the brand by collaborating with people with similar interests.

I hope my articles provide the value and information you are looking for. Thank you again for visiting my Website. Please subscribe, so that we can notify you whenever we publish a new informative article.

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