What is Encryption and Types of Encryption

When it comes to digital security, everybody talks about Encryption. Encryption protects your data from cybercriminals. But how? How Encryption protects our data? What are the Types of Encryption? Why is it difficult for hackers to access Encrypted files? What makes Encryption the most secure digital security protocol? And most importantly, What is Encryption and Decryption?

Let’s unsolve all these mysteries and talk about What is Encryption, Types of Encryption, and everything you need to know about Encryption.

What is Encryption?

Types of Encryption, What is Encryption, Encryption and Decryption, Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption

Encryption is nothing but converting plain text into ciphertext. The term Encryption might be new, but the concept is used for several decades. Let me explain to you in simple words.

Suppose you need to send a file to your friend on the internet. But, the data is confidential, and you don’t want others to read it. Therefore, you can use Encryption.

What Encryption does is convert the data into a code that nobody can read. And when it reaches your friend, it will Decrypt the data, and your friend can read what’s inside the file.

In the olden days during wars, when sending updates, people used to encrypt the message in a coded language that only they understand. Therefore, even if the enemy got the message, they couldn’t understand what was written. The same concept is now called Encryption and is used in digital security.

Simple Example:

Suppose, I had to send a secret message to someone. I will create my own Encryption and inform my friend how it works. Now, instead of writing A, I will write the next letter, which is B. So, If I want to write ALL TECH QUERIES, I will write BMM UFDI RVFSJFT. Now, only me, my friend, and you guys can understand what message I sent. Therefore, my friend will decrypt the letters and find my message. It is called Encryption.

Now, instead of writing the next letter, I create a different code for each letter by including numbers and special characters. Like, the value of A will be 7V^$3, and the value of L will be MM20. Therefore, I would write ALL as 7V$3MM20MM20. Hence, it gets tougher or impossible to decode the message who doesn’t know the code. 

Encryption Softwares use similar methods to Encrypt a File.

Types of Encryption:

The example I gave in the above section was only a sample so that you can understand what is Encryption, and how it works. These days, there are many advanced Types of Encryption used in digital security. Therefore, let’s study and understand all the Types of Encryption one by one.

There are two types of Encryption Algorithms:

1. Symmetric Encryption:

2. Asymmetric Encryption:

Before we proceed forward, you must understand that any Encryption can be Decrypted by using a key. The key contains the codes to decrypt the Encrypt.

Types of Encryption, What is Encryption, Encryption and Decryption, Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption

What is Symmetric Encryption (Secret Key Encryption):

In Symmetric Encryption, the same key is used to Encrypt and Decrypt the data. Therefore, the key is called as Secret Key. Hence Symmetric Encryption is also called Secret Key Encryption.

What is Asymmetric Encryption (Public Key Encryption):

Asymmetric Encryption works differently. Here we use two keys, which are Public Key and Private Key. When sending data, it is Encrypted with Public Key and Decrypted by a Private Key.

It is hard to understand the concept, so I will give you an example:

Let’s assume you are using an ATQ Messenger app. Every user on this app will have 1 private key and several public keys. 

Now, my public keys will be available to every user on that app. So, if you want to send me a message, you will lock it with my public key and send it to me. As the message is locked with my public key, only I can open it by using my Private key. 

But, I don’t know who sent me the message. So, you will lock the message with 2 keys: your Private key, and my public key. So, I will first unlock the message with my private key, and then with your public key.

You can assume the private key as Self Address and the public key as To Address. As you know, we should write both Self Address and To Address to send a letter. 

Here are some of the Best Encryption Softwares.


The purpose of Encryption is to hide the data from others. Although there are two types of Encryption Algorithms, Asymmetric Encryption is being used in every application. Even in messenger apps, you might have read about End-to-End Encryption. It is nothing but Public Encryption. Therefore, when you send a text to your friend, only your friend can read it. It is impossible for a normal user to decrypt and read the messages. However, Government knows how to hack and decrypt the messages. Moreover, HTTPS on websites works on the same protocol. It encrypts users’ data so that others cannot steal their personal data.

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