Types of Computer Mouse – [More than 15 Mouse Types Explained]

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The Mouse is one of the essential components of a computer, which we all use to send information to the CPU (as in Input Device). When it comes to the Types of Computer Mouse, most users think there are only two types (Wired & Wireless). 

However, the mouse can be classified into several types based on Connectivity, Technology, and Usage. Knowing and understanding all the types of mouse will help you pick the correct mouse for your usage. Therefore, today we are going to describe all Different Mouse Types in a computer. 

Other than Mouse, Keyboard is another commonly used Input device on our computer. So, you might also be interested in understanding the Types of Keyboards.

What is a Computer Mouse?

A computer mouse is a tiny input device used to operate the PC. It has two buttons (Left Mouse Click & Right Mouse Click) and a small wheel to scroll between pages. The scroll also works as a Middle Mouse Button in the latest models). They come in both wired and wireless forms. 

It is the description of a normal mouse which most of us use. However, there are several Types of Computer Mouse available these days. We will discriminate each Type of Mouse one by one.

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Types of Computer Mouse Based on Technology:

Ball Mouse

Ball Mouse (also known as Mechanical Mouse) was introduced in 1968. It was not the first type of mouse. Check out the History of the First Mouse Invented.

However, Ball Mouse was a successful invention used for over two decades. A Mechanical Mouse had a soft rubber ball on the lower surface, which could detect the movement and send signals to the computer. 

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But, the ball used to get stuck several times, and it was also very slow. Moreover, it required a Mousepad to work properly. The rubber ball does not move smoothly on other surfaces, even if they are plain and rigid. Mechanical Mouse (or Ball Mouse) is not easily available these days because users prefer other technologies.

Optical Mouse

Later, the Optical and Laser Mouse were introduced. Both Optical and Laser mouse use sensors that detects the movement of your mouse. 

However, Optical Mouse uses LED light and can be used only on opaque surfaces. Mousepad is recommended but not mandatory. The surface has to be rigid and opaque like the computer desk. 

In the past, optical mice were considered to be the best type of mouse to use because of their accuracy and speed. With the advent of new generation laser mice, they became less popular than they used to be. 

Laser Mouse

On the other hand, Laser Mouse is a more advanced version of the computer mouse. Unlike Optical Mouse, Laser Mouse uses a laser beam instead of LED. It has a higher DPI and can also be used on Glass and other transparent surfaces. Moreover, Laser Mouse is expensive than Optical Mouse.

Yet, Optical Mouse is a better option for Gamers. Due to high DPI, Laser Mouse accelerates the mouse pointer faster, which may result in missing the target (especially when you are trying to hit headshot in games).

Here is a detailed article on the Difference Between Optical and Laser Mouse.

What is DPI in Mouse?

Why do some mouse sensors have light and some don’t?

It depends on the mouse sensors used by the manufacturers. Some sensors use bright red light, and some use invisible light. Mostly, you will find the red sensor light in a wired mouse. Most Wireless mouse doesn’t have a sensor light to save battery. We will talk more about Wired and Wireless Mouse in the next section.

Why does Mouse only have Red light under it?

Here, we are not talking about the RGB lights on the top. We are talking about the sensor light, which is on the bottom of a mouse. So Why does an Optical Mouse only have Red light under it? The reason is that the Red Light Reflects better on the surface, due to which movement tracking becomes easy and more accurate.

Type of Mouse Based on Connectivity:

Well, to use a mouse, you need to connect it with your PC. Since the mouse was introduced, changes were made to improve the technology. Here are different Types of Mouse, based on Connectivity. 

Serial Port Mouse

The first model of the mouse had a Serial Port cable. However, it didn’t work out for long, and everyone stopped using it after the introduction of 9 Pin and 6 Pin connectors.

9 Pin Connector

After Serial Port Mouse, 9 Pin Mouse (also known as Bus Connector) was introduced in the market. It was similar to the PS2 Mouse, except that the PS2 Cable has 6 Pins.

PS2 Mouse

A decade ago, PS2 mouse and keyboard were commonly used. They were used to connect through PS2 port (Also known as 6 Pin port). Some computers still have PS2 ports. The green color port was used to insert the mouse plug, and purple was used for the keyboard. However, companies have stopped manufacturing PS2 mouse and keyboards after USB and wireless peripherals were introduced. Both Mechanical and Optical Mouse used to have a PS2 cable connection.

USB Mouse

USB is becoming the standard for all electronic connectivity. The USB Pendrives have replaced CDs and DVDs. These days, even the printer is connected through a USB cable. To progress with the technology USB mouse and keyboard were introduced. It is also known as Wired Mouse.

Wireless Mouse

With modernization, every technology is turning into wireless. A Wireless mouse is similar to a wired mouse, except that it doesn’t have a wire. Wireless mouse runs on battery. And, the mouse manufacturers provide a connecting device (Nano Reciever), which you need to plug into the USB port. The Nano Reciever (which looks like a mini Pendrive) sends and receives signals from the mouse and transfers it to the CPU.

Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

The Bluetooth Wireless Mouse doesn’t require any connecting device. They connect directly through Bluetooth Technology. However, you need to have the Bluetooth feature on your PC (Desktop or Laptop). 

Different Types of Mouse based on Usability:

Regular Mouse

The Regular Mouse is what we have been talking about till now. It has three mouse buttons with a scroll. It can be wired, wireless, optical, mechanical, or laser.

Gaming Mouse

The Gaming Mouse is specially built for Gamers. While the regular mouse has three buttons, Gaming Mouse has more. It has extra buttons on the left side of the mouse (where you usually place your thumb). While playing games, the user might need to utilize all his fingers. Therefore, the extra buttons on the mouse will be quite useful. Some gaming mouse also has RGB lighting around them.

It is not just about the buttons & lightings, the Gaming Mouse is built to handle the aggressiveness of the player. Besides that, the gaming mouse is built to provide comfort and reduce stress on hand even after long gaming hours. Moreover, the Gaming Mouse also has better speed and accuracy, which provides a better gaming experience for gamers. 

Special Types of Mouse:

Ergonomic Mouse

The Ergonomic Mouse is designed to provide comfort for the user while holding the mouse. The unique shaped Mouse lets you rest the thumb and little finger comfortably. An Ergonomic Mouse can be a Gaming Mouse, Regular Mouse, Wired, Wireless, Optical, or Laser Mouse. The technology is the same, but the outer appearance is changed.

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Vertical Mouse

Vertical Mouse is one of the unique Types of Computer Mouse. As the name suggests, it is ergonomically designed in a vertical shape to provide comfort for your hand. While using a regular mouse, you rest your palm on the mouse. But, while using the Vertical Mouse, you will feel like giving a handshake to someone. 

It has the same buttons as a normal mouse, just the holding position is different. It might have a couple of extra buttons on the thumb side. Moreover, the Vertical Mouse is available in two variants, one for right-handers and one for left-handers.

While using a regular mouse, the left-handed user can simply switch mouse buttons and use it. However, it is not possible for ergonomic mouses. Therefore, the companies manufacture different variants for left-handers. However, there are many left-handed vertical mice available in the market.

Trackball Mouse

A Trackball Mouse looks like an inverted Ball Mouse and works on the same Mechanism. The mouse has a Large Trackball on top, which lets you move the cursor without moving the mouse. 

It is useful for users who don’t have a large space on their desk to move their mouse. With a Trackball Mouse, you can easily move the Cursor using the Spherical Trackball. The arm and wrist moment is reduced, as you control everything with your thumb or fingers. 

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Moreover, there are several variants in Trackball as well. A regular trackball mouse has a Trackball in the center and two mouse buttons beside it. Some other trackball mouse looks like a regular mouse but has a Trackball in the thumb area. Furthermore, some variants include a scroll ring, which works as the scroll wheel.

Stylus Mouse

Stylus Mouse or Pen Mouse is a pen-shaped mouse. You can write, draw, and control the mouse pointer by using the Stylus Tip. These are mostly wireless and rechargeable devices, suitable for both left and right-handers. It has left and right mouse buttons along with the scroll wheel. Moreover, even though it is a new and unique technology, the price is less than other types of mouse. 

Presentation Mouse

Presentation Mouse is one of the unique and useful Types of Computer Mouse. It looks more like a remote control. However, the Presentation Mouse is specially designed for Slideshows and Powerpoint Presentations. 

It contains a laser pointer, mouse buttons, a scroll wheel, and some other useful buttons. These are obviously wireless devices. However, there are several variants of Presentation Mouse online. Some even are a combination of Presentation Mouse and Trackball Mouse.


Touchpads are usually found on Laptops and some Keyboards as well. You need to scroll your finger on the Touchpad to move the mouse pointer. Some Touchpads provide dedicated buttons as mouse buttons, and some have sensors that act as a mouse click when you tap the finger. These days, you can also find them as separate unit.

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Roller bar Mouse

Roller bar Mouse or Roller Mouse is a bar-shaped mouse, which is placed under the keyboard. When you place it under the keyboard, it appears as a Laptop with Keyboard and Touchpad. While typing, moving your hand to operate the mouse breaks the working rhythm. Therefore, by using the Roller Mouse you can control the mouse pointer with your thumbs. If you were using Laptops for a long time and shifted to a desktop, you might find this mouse very convenient.

Finger Mouse

As the name suggests, Finger Mouse is the smallest Type of Mouse stripped to one of your fingers (mostly index finger). It has the same buttons as a normal mouse (which are the left button, right button, and scroll wheel). It helps a lot for typists, who can easily control the mouse using their fingers. Finger Mouse can also be used for controlling presentation slides. However, it is not recommended for Gamers because the buttons are very small and sensitive.

Foot Mouse

I bet you have never heard of or seen this type of mouse before. Now, you can control the mouse buttons by using your feet. No, you shouldn’t place your regular mouse under your feet. 

Foot Mouse looks like the pedals you have in cars. In cars, pressing the right foot accelerates the car, and pressing the left foot applies the brake. Similarly, the right pedal will be used as right-click, and the left pedal works as left-clicking. 

It is available in three variants, which are single foot, double foot, and triple foot. Foot Mouse are usually wired and connected through USB.

3D Mouse

3D Mouse is usually used while using 3D applications. It has several buttons for different features with a circular knob in the center. These are rarely found and rarely used. 3D mice are also very expensive.

Types of Computer Mouse by Buttons:

When the mouse was first invented, it only had one button for selecting and opening files/folders. The basic mouse used in the olden days only had Two Mouse buttons for right-click and left-click. Later, the Three Mouse Button mouse was invented. 

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And, as time passed, they added a wheel in the center to make it easy for scrolling. Moreover, in future updates, they have installed a middle click feature under the wheel. However, all the mouse we see today runs on the same technology. 

What else do you need to Look for in a Mouse?

Fancy Designs

Some Mouse manufacturers design computer mice in a unique way that looks very attractive and different. There are some mouse that actually looks like the real mouse. Some mice look like toy cars. Moreover, there are RBG mouse, flat mouse, the iron man mouse, captain America mouse, transparent, and more. These are regular wired or wireless mouse with unique designs. 

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Types of Computer Mouse, Type of Mouse, Types of Mouse, Different Types of Mouse


Look at the size of the mouse before buying. There are smaller size mouse, which can be difficult to hold for those who have big hands. Larger size mouse are also not comfortable for the normal person. Therefore, look at the size of the product and review images before you buy. 


The weight does not matter, as even the largest mouse can be easily carried in your laptop bag. However, if weight is a concern, you should look at the product’s specifications before buying. 


Having a higher DPI means a faster moment. But, for gamers, having very low DPI or very high DPI can be frustrating. Very fast moments in games can result in missing targets. However, having a high DPI is good when you are working on a large screen. In conclusion, we would say that having a DPI between 800 to 2000 is suitable for all kinds of users. Moreover, in some mouse, you will find the option to set the DPI (between the given range).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Device is a Mouse?

The mouse is an Input device used to send information to the computer.

What are Two Types of Connectors for the Keyboard and the Mouse?

PS2 (6 Pin) and USB are the Two Types of Connectors mostly used for Keyboard and Mouse. 

How to Type with Mouse?

You can use the On-Screen Keyboard (built-in feature in Windows OS) to type using a mouse. 

Final Words:

The reason why there are so many different types of mouse is because of how advanced technologies are developing these days. So, while choosing a mouse, first you need to determine its usage. Once you choose a mouse by its usage, decide whether you want Mechanical, Laser, or Optical technology. Finally, you need to choose between picking a wired or wireless device according to your convenience. 

All the types of Computer Mouse mentioned in this article are readily available in local and online stores. Different Types of Mouse work for different people, so you should choose the one that feels right to you. The price is also an important factor, so choose the Mouse based on your budget as well. Therefore, make sure to take your time to find a budget mouse with all the features you need.

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