How To Connect Desktop to WiFi [3 Easy Ways]

Desktop PCs are mostly connected to the Internet via the Ethernet Cable. However, for some reason, we might want to connect the Desktop PC using WiFi. But, Desktop PCs don’t have WiFi, Bluetooth, or other Wireless features like Laptops. Then How to Connect Desktop to WiFi? We came up with the best solutions that will help you connect Desktop to WiFi easily.

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How To Connect Desktop to WiFi:

1. WiFi Adapter for Desktop Computer:

A WiFi Adapter is an external hardware device that helps you connect your device to WiFi. The first time I came across this device was when the WiFi feature on my Laptop was not working. So, this WiFi Adapter not only works for Desktops but also Laptops & Tabs that are causing trouble connecting to WiFi.

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How to Use WiFi Adapter:

  • It is a small Pendrive-like device and is very simple to use. 
  • All you have to do is, insert the Adapter into any of the USB ports on your Desktop. 
  • Now, if you look at the Windows Notification Area, you can see the Network Icon. 
How to Connect Desktop to WiFi, Connect Desktop to WiFi, WiFi Adapter for Desktop Computer
  • Click on the Network icon, and you can see the list of WiFi networks available.
How to Connect Desktop to WiFi, Connect Desktop to WiFi, WiFi Adapter for Desktop Computer
  • Select your WiFi network, click on the Connect button, and enter the password (if any).
How to Connect Desktop to WiFi, Connect Desktop to WiFi, WiFi Adapter for Desktop Computer

For Windows 10 and 11 Operating Systems, it automatically installs the Drivers. But, if you are using an older Operating System or the WiFi Adapter is not recognized for any reason, then you have to install the drivers. Most companies offer a Drivers CD along with the device. Or, you can also download the Drivers from their official website.

Best WiFi Adapter for Desktop Computers:

Here, we have collected some of the Best WiFi Adapters for Desktop Computers that you can purchase online.

TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter for PC:

It is the cheap and best option for connecting the Desktop to WiFi. It is also easy to insert and doesn’t require much space.

TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC:

Here is a more advanced and little expensive product from the same brand, TP-Link. It has an antenna so that you can grab the WiFi signal even from a distance. Moreover, it provides better speed and stability.

NETGEAR AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter for Desktop PC:

The WiFi Adapter from NETGEAR provides the Best WiFi Speed and Connectivity with USB 3.0. The Dual Band WiFi Adapter provides speed almost equal to the PCI WiFi Adapter & Built-in WiFi Adapters.

2. PCI WiFi Adaptor:

The PCI WiFi Adaptor should be placed in the PCI Slot of the motherboard. It gives Better performance than the USB WiFi Adaptors. However, you need to be tech-savvy to be able to install it. Also, some motherboards have a single PCE Slot, which is already occupied by the Graphics Card.

3. Motherboard with Built-in WiFi feature:

This is not the best idea, but the latest Motherboards come with a built-in WiFi Adaptor. So, you might choose this option only if you were planning to do a Hardware update. Some people ask How to Connect Desktop to WiFi Without Adapter. Well, this is the answer to that.

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I would recommend the first method as it is cheaper and easy to install. But, if you want more stable and faster internet, then PCI would be worth the money. The speed would be almost equivalent to that of the Ethernet cable. I would never choose to replace the Motherboard. Because it is not only expensive but also risky. Your other computer components might not support the new motherboard. So, the USB WiFi Adapters are the perfect answer to How To Connect Desktop to WiFi.

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