How Does Wireless Charging Work? Enable Wireless Charging on any Smartphone

Thesedays, Wireless Charging is the new trend. Everyone wants to use Wireless Technology to charge their Devices. But, do you even know What is Wireless Charging, and How does Wireless Charging Work?

A Few years ago, it was available only on Mobile Phones, but now you can also find it on other devices like Airpods, Smart Watch, Health Band, etc. However, we have found a method that will help you Charge any Smartphone using Wireless Technology. Most of you might be wondering whether it is possible.

It sure is. And here we will show you How.

But before that, you need to understand, What is Wireless Charging, and How Wireless Charging Works?

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless Charging is a Technology that helps you Charge the Phone or any other device without the use of Cables. 


Several years ago, Nikola Tesla (a Great Scientist) proposed the idea of Wireless Charging. He explained a theory that we can transfer electrical energy between two conductors. But, it wasn’t possible practically due to the lack of technology in those days. 

Palm was one of the first mobile manufacturers that introduced wireless charging technology in their mobile phones around 2005. 

Now, let’s talk about How Does Wireless Charging Work.

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How Does Wireless Charging Work:

There are two ways using which we can take Wireless Charging into use.

  • Conduction
  • Induction


In this method, the upper surface of the charging pad is electrically conducting. And, when you supply power, the surface is electrically charged.

Mobile Manufacturers make the back panel conductive. 

So, when you place the Mobile on the Charging Pad, the electricity will be transferred and your phone will be charged.

Note that, in the conductive method, we need to align the Phone accurately on the charging pod.

This technology was popular when Wireless Charging was introduced. However, it is not used thesedays. 


Here, you will find coils under the surface of the Charging Pod. When you supply energy, the Coils will transfer the energy into the nearby coils. So, when you place the phone on the Pod, the energy is transferred into the coils in the phone, and it charges the phone.

Induction Technology can be further classified into two. 

  • Qi
  • PMA

There is not much difference between these two technologies. The only difference is the placement of coils. 

However, they are not compatible with other.

Ex: If the Charging Pod uses Qi Technology, and your Phone uses PMA Technology, you cannot charge. Similarly, if the Charging Pod uses PMA technology, and you have a phone with Qi Technology, then you can’t charge it either. 

Therefore, some mobile manufacturers support both because they have both Qi and PMA coils on their Smart Phones.

The Coil may be attached to the back panel, or over the mobile battery itself, depending on the mobile manufacturer.

How to Enable Wireless charging in any Smartphone?

Here we have found a product that will help you Charge your mobile wirelessly even if the feature is not available on your Phone. 

It is called a Wireless receiver. 

Currently, a company named Fone Salesman is manufacturing the products. 

Here, you get a Strip (that contains the coil), which is attached to a plug. The Plug can be Type C or Lightening C Plug, which you have to plug into your phone’s charging port. Now, simply attach the Strip to the back of your phone.

So, when you place the phone on the Wireless Charging Pod, the Pod will transfer the energy to the Strip that contains the coil. Next, the coil will transfer the energy to your phone through the plug you inserted. 

Therefore, your common Smartphone will become a Wireless Smart Phone.

Here is a Wireless Charging Reciever for Type C Ports:

Here is a Wireless Charging Reciever for iPhones:

iQi Mobile Wireless Charging Receiver for iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use Wireless Charger?

You should simply turn on the power supply on Charging Pod, then place your Smart Phone or other devices on the Pod. It will start charging. However, you need to have a Device that supports wireless charging.

How to Wireless Charge?

Simply place your Device on the Charging Pod. Note: Your device should have Wireless Charging support.

Is wireless Charging faster?

No. Wireless Charging will always be slower than Wired Charging. In fact, Wireless Charging takes twice the time to charge the mobile. 
Even while using the Internet or Transferring Data, Wired Technology is always faster and more stable than Wireless Technology.

Check out the Difference Between Ethernet Vs WiFi.

Does Wireless Charging work with Case?

Yes. It works most of the time. However, some thick Mobile Cases can slow down the charging rate or completely block the Energy from transferring. So, we suggest using Thin Cases while using Wireless Charging.

Which Brand has the Fastest Wireless Charging?

Currently, the fastest Wireless Charging Mobiles are manufactured by Samsung. As they use high-power Charging Pods, the Smartphones are Charged a bit faster.

How do I Enable Wireless Charging on Android?

As we mentioned above, you can use Wireless Charging Reciever if your Phone doesn’t support Wireless Charging.

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However, with the technology we have today, we are only able to transfer energy by placing the device close to the Charging Pod. In a few years, we may get Wireless Technology that charges our devices using WiFi. 

Moreover, you might also see Wireless Charging for Electonic Vehicles. 

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Wireless Charging, yet. In Wireless Charging, we simply place the Phone on the Charging Dock or Pod. Whereas, in Wired Charging, we should simply plug the wire into the port. On the other hand, Wireless Chating Pods and Devices are expensive, and they even have lower charging speeds.

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