Ethernet Vs WiFi – Is Ethernet Faster than WiFi?

There is no internet user that doesn’t know about WiFi. But, do you know what is Ethernet? Here we will compare Ethernet Vs WiFi, and answer the most asked question Is Ethernet Faster than WiFi?

Ethernet Vs WiFi:

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet was developed in the early 80 for connecting computers and other devices to the internet. When we connect several devices in a small area using the Ethernet, we call it LAN (Local Area Network).

Also, check out the difference between LAN Vs WAN Vs SAN Vs MAN.

We use Ethernet Cables while connecting a PC with the Modem/Router. It is a wired connector.

Ethernet technology has evolved throughout the years. The Ethernet Cables have been improved to provide better speed. There are also different Types of Ethernet Cables, check them.

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Where is Ethernet used?

Ethernet is widely used in hospitals, colleges, offices, schools, and other institutions. Moreover, it is also used by gamers/streamers because of its stable and high-speed connection.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a Wireless Connection that lets you connect your device to the internet wirelessly, without using any cables.

Where is WiFi used?

You can use WiFi at home to connect your mobile device or Laptop. You can also connect to Public WiFi when outside. However, it is not considered safe to use Public WiFi without using a VPN

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Is Ethernet Faster than WiFi?

These days people are mostly using WiFi to connect all their devices to the internet. But, before WiFi came into existence, people used Ethernet.

Even now when the WiFi is not stable, we use Ethernet for a stable connection. Moreover, Ethernet is still used in most organizations because it is not only faster but also secure. 

On the other hand, WiFi connections are slow and unstable. There is also a risk of interception while using WiFi.

Advantages of Ethernet over WiFi:

Wired & Wireless:

When the data is transferred through cables, there is no interference. The Data is transferred through a closed medium. 

On the other hand, WiFi is a wireless transfer network that transfers data in the open. So, the signal gets interfered with by other waves and objects in the environment.

Therefore, WiFi is slower than Ethernet. No matter how expensive WiFi gear you buy, the speed will always be less than that of a wired connection.

Sending & Receiving Data:

A WiFi antenna can only send or receive data at one time. That means, if you are trying to send and receive files using the WiFi, it will first send files, then receive. Or Vice Versa. It can only perform one transfer at a time.

Whereas, the Ethernet Cables have different pairs of wires. One pair sends data and one pair receives the data. 

Here is another reason for WiFi being slower than Ethernet (or Wired Connection).


One of the major advantages of using Ethernet over WiFi is Security.

As WiFi transfers data through WiFi, Hackers can intercept the signals and hack the data. 

Therefore, wired transfers are much safer.

Advantages of WiFi over Ethernet:

WiFi does have some advantages over Ethernet. Or else it wouldn’t be used by millions of people all around the world.

  • While using the Ethernet, you have limited mobility. Therefore, it is mostly used for Desktops. Expanding the wire can be expensive and impossible in some cases.
  • On the other hand, a WiFi connection allows you to sit and work anywhere within the network reach. 
  • Moreover, WiFi is easy to set up as all you need to do is Turn on the WiFi feature on your Device, Select the Network, and enter a password (if any)
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Does Using an Ethernet Cable Slow Down WiFi?

If you are using the Internet on more than 1 device, the device that is connected through Wired Connection (Ethernet Cable) will get faster internet. So, the device using WiFi will experience lower speeds. 

Why Is My Ethernet Slower Than WiFi?

Usually, the Ethernet should be faster than WiFi. But, if you are experiencing lower speed while using the Ethernet, these might be the reasons:
There might be downloads in the background that is reducing the browsing speed.
Any application or service on the device is using the internet.
Windows/OS might be downloading OS updates on the device.
The Ethernet (LAN) Cable must be damaged. Replace the cable.
You can perform Speedtest on both devices to compare the speed.

How Much Faster Is Ethernet Than WiFi?

It depends on various factors. But, usually, we can safely say that Ethernet is at least 40% faster than WiFi. 
Let’s say you can download a 500 MB file in 50 Minutes using WiFi. So, with an Ethernet Connection, you can download the 500 MB file within 30 minutes.

Can You Use WiFi And Ethernet At The Same Time?

Yes. You can connect multiple devices using WiFi and Ethernet. However, you will get low speeds on WiFi Connection compared to Ethernet.

Do You Need An Ethernet Cable For WiFi?

No. WiFi is a Wireless Connection technology. You don’t need an Ethernet Cable to use WiFi. All you need is a Router. 
Check out the difference between a Modem and a Router.

Difference Between Ethernet And WiFi?

Ethernet is a Wired Internet Technology where you use an Ethernet Cable to connect a device to the internet. Whereas, WiFi is a Wireless Internet Technology using which you can connect a device to the Internet without using any cables.

Ethernet Vs WiFi for Gaming?

For Gaming, I always recommend using Ethernet as it is fast, reliable, stable, and secure. If you are playing online games or streaming live, you MUST use Ethernet to avoid Lags. the Ping value on Ethernet is much low compared to WiFi. 

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Conclusion: Which is Better Ethernet Vs WiFi?

Between Ethernet Vs WiFi, Ethernet is proven to be fast, stable, and secure. Although WiFi is easy to set up and access, it is not recommended for all devices. In hospitals, offices, and educational centers, the Ethernet connection is recommended over WiFi. WiFi is good for mobility.

So, Is Ethernet Faster than WiFi? Of course Yes. If you are using a Desktop PC, you can use an Ethernet Cable for a Stable connection. Whereas, for Mobile phones, you can use a WiFi connection. 

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