What is Ping? Why is it Important for Online Gaming?

You might have heard the word Ping several times while performing online activities. The term Ping is related to Networking. So, let’s talk about What is Ping exactly, What is Ping in Gaming, What is Ping Spoofing, How you can Test Ping, How to Lower Ping, and more about Ping. 

What is Ping in Networking?

In simple words, Ping is the speed of the data transferred between your device and the network (source). 

If the Ping is 2 ms, it means you are sending and receiving data from the network in 2 milliseconds. Similarly, if the Ping is 30 ms, it means your device & sending and receiving data from the network in 30 milliseconds.

For Example: When you are talking to a person living in another country through social media apps, you will experience high Ping. When you say Hi, your voice will be reached to the other person after 1 second. Similarly, when the other person says Hello in reply, you will receive it after 2 seconds. It means there is 2 seconds delay between you and the other person. This phenomenon is called Latency, but the delay is calculated in Ping.

What is Ping, Ping Test, What is Ping in Gaming, Ping Spoofing, How to Lower Ping

What is Ping is Gaming?

In Gaming, Ping is nothing but lag. You will experience Ping while playing online games. The more your Ping is, the More Lag you will experience. So, choose the network that gives the lowest ping.

What is Ping in PUBG?

While Playing PUBG, if you look at the stats in the bottom left of the screen, you will see PING. If the Ping is more than 100 in PUBG, then you won’t enjoy the game. 

For Example, When you shoot at the opponent, your response should reach the server then return back. Therefore, if your PING is over 100, it will take 100ms before your bullet hits the opponent. On the other hand, if your opponent’s Ping is 20ms, and he responded at the same time, then his bullet will hit you faster. 

You might also experience it while looting items. If your Ping is low, and your teammate Ping is low, you will pick up items before he does.

What is Ping in PUBG

Therefore, while playing PUBG, BGMI, Free Fire, and similar online games, your PING should be as low as possible. 

What is Ping Spoofing:

The term Ping Spoofing is related to gaming. While playing online multiplayer games, you might have seen some players lagging. That could be a real Ping issue, or the player might be faking it. Some players simulate high Ping fluctuations and create fake lagging. This concept is called Ping Spoofing. You might think the player is lagging, but he has a stable connection. It is mostly seen in games like Minecraft and PUBG.

What is Ping in Speed Test? (Ping Test)

You can test your Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed on the SpeedTest.net website. As you can see in the below picture, my Ping is 7 ms, which is very good. You can ask your Internet Provider to change the plan if your Ping is high. However, if you don’t play any online games, Ping can be neglected. When downloading or browsing other content on the web, it does not matter even if your Ping is high. Having better Bandwidth is preferred. 

Speed Test Ping

What is a Good Ping:

If the value is under 100 ms, then it can be considered as Good Ping. However, as we mentioned above, for online multiplayer games like PUBG, we recommend having less than 40 ms.

How to Lower Ping?

Here are some of the non-technical things you can do to reduce or lower Ping. 

  • Reduce the distance between your WiFi Router and Device. Using a cable connection is even better. 

Also, read our article to understand the Difference Between Router and Modem.

  • Stop all background updates, downloads, other activities that are slowing down your internet.
  • Connect only a few devices. It is better to turn off Internet/WiFi on other devices to lower Ping.
  • There might be lots of Benefits of VPN Service. However, using a VPN while playing online games will increase the Ping.
  • Choose the right game server. This one is especially for PUBG, BGMI, and Free Fire players. Choosing the closest server to your location gives you less Ping. 
What is Ping, Ping Test, What is Ping in Gaming, Ping Spoofing


So, Ping is nothing but the technique used to measure the lag in your network. You need to worry about Ping mostly while playing games. Otherwise, Ping is not a big issue.

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