What is the Difference Between Domain Vs Hosting?

Many people get confused between Domain and Hosting. Today, we will explain everything about Domain, Hosting, and the difference between Domain Vs Hosting.

Difference Between Domain Vs Hosting:

A website is a combination of Domain and Hosting.

A Domain is simply the name (URL) of the website, and Hosting is where you store the website data.

What is a Domain?

A Domain is a web address registered in the name of a person/organization.

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When you want to start an outlet, you register a name and rent a place to store the items.

Assume Domain as a Store Name.

You have to think of a unique name, which hasn’t been registered already. 

So, you cannot purchase or register a name like Apple, Samsung, BenQ, etc. because they are already registered.

Similarly, you have to think of a Unique Domain name and Register it.

We have registered the Domain alltechqueries.com

The website address will look like https://www.alltechqueries.com

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You have to renew the Domain to keep it registered under your name. If you fail to renew the Domain, it goes into a sandbox for a couple of months, then it will be available for others to buy.

Domains have various extensions like







and more.

The price of a Domain depends on the extension as well as its popularity.

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What is a Sub-Domain?

Sub Domain runs on the same Hosting but works as an individual website. 

A subdomain looks like https://www.example.wordpress.com

Here www.wordpress.com is a domain

and example is a subdomain

Also, check out What is DNS Server.

What is Hosting?

A Hosting Service lets you store the data in its servers.

Domain Vs Hosting, Domain and Hosting, Hosting, Domain


Let’s take the same Store example. 

Let’s say you have registered the store name. Now, you need a place to store and sell your items.

This is how Hosting Works.

When you install web developing software, plugins, and themes, they all are stored in the hosting server. 

Moreover, the images you upload and the text, all are stored on their servers.

Hosting Plans:

If you go to any Hosting Provider Website, you will find different plans of different prices. 

The Plans usually depend on the storage limit and bandwidth. 


Once again we are taking the store example.

A small room on the 5th level will cost less.

Whereas a large room on the 1st level will cost more.

Also, several users ask why some Hosting Services are cheap and some expensive.

Well, if you buy a site near the Highway or Main Roads it will cost high. But, it will be easy for the customers to access your store. On the other hand, you will find cheap sites on local roads as it’s hard for the customers to reach there. Also, consider parking and other facilities. 

Similarly, the Hosting that costs more offer you better speed, more storage, and other benefits. On the other hand, cheap hostings offer fewer features, less speed, less storage, and can take the site down when there is heavy traffic.

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Where to Buy Domain & Hosting:

You can purchase Domain and Host from the same provider or different providers. Some Hosting providers offer free domain registration for 1 year along with the Hosting. 

Best Domain Providers:

Best Hosting Providers:

  • BlueHost
  • Hostinger
  • SiteGround
  • GreenGeeks
  • Dreamhost
  • HostGator
  • Kinsta

and more.

Domain Vs Hosting, Domain and Hosting, Hosting, Domain

Conclusion – Domain Vs Hosting:

You need to have a Domain, Hosting, and Web Developing App to create a website. First, you need to Register a Domain, then purchase the Hosting Plan as per your requirements. Finally, you can use Web Developing Apps like WordPress to design your website. So, whether you own a website or not, you should know what Domain & Hosting is, and what the difference is between Domain Vs Hosting.

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