Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard for Reducing Chronic Pain (2022)

Here are some of the Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard for Reducing Chronic Pain.

We have been using Keyboards for over four decades. The first keyboard was invented in the ’70s. However, the Standard Keyboards were not designed for the user’s comfort. The only purpose of the Keyboard was to send information to the CPU. 

However, today, Computer Keyboards and Mouse have evolved a lot. There are several Types of Keyboards available in the market. And one of the Best Keyboards is the Ergonomic Keyboard. 

Ergonomic Keyboards and Mouse are uniquely designed peripherals. When using the Standard Keyboard, your elbows might hurt because your arms are not in a natural position. Hence, Ergonomic Keyboards were introduced. 

Ergonomic Keyboards are designed in such a way that your arms rest in a natural position. Therefore, reducing the disk of elbow & wrist pain. People also use Ergonomic Mouse to Reduce Wrist Pain.

Ergonomic Keyboards:

Ergonomic Keyboards can further be divided into three types.

  • Wave Pattern Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Half Split Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Full Split Ergonomic Keyboard

Before we show the Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard, you should understand all the sub-types.

Wave Pattern Ergonomic Keyboard:

The Keys on the Ergonomic Keyboard are placed in a Wave/Curve Pattern. Due to this, your hands will be in an inclined position, which is better than the position we use while using Standard Keyboards. However, you may find difficulty in using the Modifier Keys. In such a case, you can enable the Sticky Key feature.

Therefore, I prefer using the other two types of Ergonomic Keyboards.

Half Split Ergonomic Keyboard:

In a Half Split Ergonomic Keyboard, the keys are separated from the center, leaving a gap in the middle of the keyboard. Also, the keys are inclined to allow a natural elbow position.

Full Split Ergonomic Keyboard:

The Ergonomic Keyboard is literally split in half. You will get two pieces of Keyboard, which you can place in front of your hand. It helps users to place their arms in a natural position. However, most of them are still connected with a thin cable. Moreover, they take up a lot of space on the desk.

So, if you want a half Keyboard for Gaming, you can get a One-Handed Keyboard.

Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard:

Here are some of the Best Ergonomic Split keyboards.

Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

KINESIS Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Split Key Keyboard

Perixx Periboard 512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard


So, if you are a content writer or heavy keyboard user, you should get an Ergonomic Keyboard. Because if not now, you may start experiencing elbow and wrist pains in the future. So, among the three subcategories of Ergonomic Keyboard, choosing the Split Keyboard is a better choice. However, choosing the Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard among the Half Split and Full Split depends on you. If you have large desk space for the keyboard, then you can go with full split, or else go with a half split.