What is Noise Cancellation? How does it Work?

You might have heard about Noise Cancellation while purchasing a Mobile Phone, a Mic, or Headphones. Thesedays, almost every headphone, microphone, and smartphone come with a Noise Cancellation feature. So, What is Noise Cancellation? How does it Work, and How is it useful for us? Let’s understand.

What is Noise Cancellation?

When you are speaking to a person on a phone, the other person can hear extra sounds other than your voice, such as fan sound, traffic sound, rain round, etc. These are called Noise. Basically, in the Telecommunication field, the unwanted sound that creates a disturbance or interference is called Noise. 

Even if you are recording your voice on a computer using Mic, having a live stream, or recording for any other purpose, it is necessary to cut out the Noise. Therefore, Noise Cancellation technology was invented. 

Noise Cancellation is of Two Types.

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Passive Noise Cancellation

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How does Noise Cancellation work?

Noise Cancellation on Mobile Phones:

On a Mobile Phone, you can see two Mics. The Main Mic is on the bottom, and a secondary one is on the top. The Main Mic records your voice as well as the Noise around you. Whereas, the Top Mic (Secondary Mic) records only the Noise around you. 

Now, the Phone uses two sound waves and removes the Noise. Therefore, the other person can listen to your voice clearly. However, the Noise may not be removed completely but is removed to an extent. 

Noise Cancellation on Microphones:

Most Microphones have a Noise Cancellation feature inside the hardware. Some Microphones have exterior Noise Cancellation as well, like the Windscreen (the fuzzy thing on the mobile) you see on most Mics.

It helps reduce the Noise around you and the noise caused by your breathing. When you purchase a Microphone for your computer, check if it mentions the Noise Cancellation feature. 

Hardware for Mic Cancellation:

There is also ASUS Noise Cancellation Mic Adapter, which reduces/eliminates the Noise around you.

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Software for Noise Cancellation:

Even if you got a Noise Cancellation Mic, the noise may not be completely removed. Hence, most Streamers and Singers also use Noise Cancellation Software.

You can try this Noise Cancellation Software by NVIDIA called RTX Noise.

You can Download NVIDIA RTX Noise here.

Noise Cancellation Headphones:

Noise Cancellation is not only for Microphones. The Noise Cancellation Headphones are very popular thesedays. Let’s understand how they work. 

A Noise Cancellation Headphone has several Microphones. These Mics receive all the Noise from the outside. And then it creates its own wavelength, which is completely opposite to the Noise it records. And, when both the sound waves are overlapped, the Noise is canceled. 

Hence, you can listen to your favorite music without any outside disturbance. The idea of manufacturing Noise Cancellation Headphones came into the mind of Dr. Bose when he was traveling in a plane. We all know how much noise the plane makes. However, Noise Cancellation Headphones are not only useful while traveling in an Aeroplane, but also useful while Sleeping, Studying & Working. 

Here is an example of Noise Cancelling Headphones.


With this article, you have learned What is Noise Cancellation, and How it works. Noise Cancellation Headphones are useful while you are traveling on a Plane or Train. It is also useful when you want to avoid any outside interference while working at Home and Office.

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The Noise Cancellation Microphones are used for Computers, and in Mobile Phones to reduce the outside noise and deliver clear voice.

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