What is BIOS in Computer? How to Access BIOS Settings?

Every computer user must know What is BIOS in Computer and What is the use.

Computers and Electronics have become an integral part of our lives. It is almost impossible to spend our day without using any Computer or Electronic device. Similarly, for a Computer or Electronic Device to work, it needs Firmware. The Firmware on a Computer is BIOS. 

In this article, we will explain What is BIOS in Computer, How to Access BIOS Settings on Computer, How to Check BIOS Version, What is a Firmware, and more.

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What is Firmware?

In short, Firmware is a program that lets you operate a computer and electronic items. It is what connects the software with the hardware. For example, by clicking the button on a remote, you can control the remote car. It is possible because there is firmware installed on any of the chips on the car that translates the signals.

What is BIOS in Computer?

BIOS is a firmware that is installed on ROM or a flash drive of a Motherboard. 

So, when you turn on the computer, the first thing you see is BIOS.

The BIOS is the first program to start, which wakes up other software and hardware components.

First, the BIOS checks the settings stored in the CMOS chip. (More on CMOS chip, later in this article). 

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Next, it runs a test to see if all the Computer Components on your PC are functioning (Power on Self Test or POST). 

You might also hear a beep sound if your motherboard has a built-in speaker. On the other hand, if any component is causing any problem, you will hear multiple beep sounds at a fast pace. In such a case, you should unplug and insert the components one by one starting with the RAM.

Then, BIOS will check your Storage Device for Operating System. Finally, it lets the Operating System take control. 

After that, the BIOS sleeps in the background until you restart your PC.

What is CMOS?

You can also make changes in the BIOS settings and save them. When you save them, they will be saved in the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). It is a cell-like component placed on the motherboard. It also helps the PC to keep the time & date updated even when the PC is off. Note that, if you remove the cell, the BIOS settings will be reset to the default.

How to Access BIOS Settings on Computer:

You can make some settings in the BIOS. But, you cannot remove the BIOS from the ROM. Many users still don’t know How to Access BIOS Settings on Computer.

Different motherboard manufacturers assign different keyboard keys to Access the BIOS Settings.

The Assigned Key can be one of these: 





You can see the BIOS Settings shortcut key on the bottom corner of the screen as soon as the BIOS screen loads. You need to be very observant because the screen stays only for a second.

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To Access BIOS Settings, first, you need to restart the PC and hit the assigned key at the right time.

You have very less time to tap the key. So, we suggest you keep hitting the assigned key as soon as your PC starts to access BIOS Settings. If the Windows logo appears, then you have been hitting the wrong key.

Sometimes, the keyboard doesn’t work during the Boot Screen. In such cases, check out this article Keyboard is not working during Boot.

Under BIOS Settings Page, you can make Advanced Changes like setting up the Primary Storage Device, and more.

How to Check BIOS Version:

There are two methods of checking the BIOS Version.

Method 1:

  • You can go to the BIOS Settings and look at the current BIOS version.

Method 2:

  • First, open up the RUN window from Start Menu or use the shortcut WinKey + R
  • Now type msinfo32 and hit Enter
  • It will open up a Windows where you will see the BIOS Version, Date, BIOS Mode, and more information.

Can we Upgrade BIOS?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade the BIOS. You can go to the official manufacturer’s website to check, download, and install the latest version of BIOS.

Note that you read the instructions and install it carefully. Because a single mistake can damage your entire PC. And your PC won’t start again.

Conclusion on BIOS:

Have you ever thought, even after formatting/resetting/erasing your Hard Disk, how are you able to access the PC? It is because of the Firmware. 

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Without firmware, your PC is nothing but a Stone. You can only make a few changes in BIOS settings, but cannot erase them from the ROM. 

Now that you know What is BIOS in Computer, you understand its importance. We have also shown How to Access BIOS Settings on Computer, and What is a Firmware.

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