How to Permanently Delete Files Windows 10 – [File Shredder]

How to Permanently Delete Files Windows 10:

In this article, we will teach How to Permanently Delete Files Windows 10 without any chance of recovery.

If you are thinking that deleting files from the Recycle Bin will erase them permanently, then you are mistaken. When you delete the files from your Windows PC, they are moved to Recycle Bin. And, by emptying the Recycle Bin, we think that the files are permanently deleted. However, that’s not the case. The files are still on your hard disk and can be easily recovered by using Premium Recovery Software.

Why do we need to Delete Files Permanently?

So, when you sell your PC to others, you delete all files. You might even format the hard disk. Yet, your personal files, family photos, saved passwords, etc. are still somewhere on your hard disk. You wouldn’t want others to Recover and misuse your data. Also, when your PC is used by multiple users, whether it is home or office, you wouldn’t want others to recover your personal files after you delete them. Hence, we need to Erase the files permanently to protect our privacy.

Now, you might be wondering How to Permanently Delete Files from a Computer without Recovery. For that, we use a tool called File Shredder.

What is File Shredder? How does it work?

File Shredder is a tool/software that helps us delete files/data from our computer permanently without any chance of recovery. 

Here is a shocking truth. You cannot delete a file from the hard disk permanently. So, how do we deal with the deleted files?

When you delete files, they stay on the hard disk. However, when you add files to the hard disk, it will overwrite the old deleted files. Now, we cannot do it manually because we don’t know on which part and which sector of the Hard Disk the files are stored. 

Therefore, we use File Shredder, which will delete the files and overwrite them with random files again and again until there is no chance of recovering. 

Hence, when you want to delete a file, use the File Shredder tool. The File Shredder can be a stand-alone software. Or, you will find the File Shredder feature in most PC optimization tools. Moreover, you might even find the Data Shredder feature in some Antivirus tools like AVG and Avast

Also, check out How to Enable Delete Confirmation Message in Windows 10 if your deleted files are directly going to Recycle Bin without a warning message.


Once you download File Shredder software, you can delete the files permanently using it. Some file shredder tools also let you choose the number of times a file should be overwritten. The more times you overwrite a file, the fewer chances it has to recover. I guess now you understand How to Permanently Delete Files Windows 10 without Recovery by using a File Shredder. 

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